Floor Box Placement / Move / Installation

Floor Box Moves

When asked ot perform a floor box move we deploy a Project Manager to assess the needs of the customer.

We gather a full scope of works and formulate a detailed delivery plan. These normally include the following;

  • Under floor survey
  • Plan of how the sub floor services are run from the comms room to the user
  • Plan of what needs moved
  • Any impact on services
  • Identify any additional equipment required to deliver
  • Relocate the services in a way that provides the least amount of impact on the normal operation of the office
  • Test every aspect of the services moves. This typically includes power (buzz bar to user) and any date lines from patch panel to the user. This means that you have no surprised the following working day.
  • Issue report details all works carried out.


CAT5e Test Report & GOP Box Conglomerate


Often these works can be carried out while furnitur remains in place. Working around the existing furniture layout means that the costs are kept to an absolutel minimum.

was asked to assist with a project that is a complete fit-out through office relocation. The end user is a major player in the vehicle fuels market and through progression in their business have in only 4 years out grown their current premise