Computer Move
Computer Move for a small company office in the Midlands

Computer Relocation

We provides computer relocation services to companies of all sizes throughout the UK and Europe

Our computer relocation is the efficient cost effective option available to companies from Sole Traders through Banking Industry.

  • Minimizing down-time
  • System placement audited / reinstated
  • Packaged to protect you valuable assets
  • Tested to ensure connectivity & serviceabitity is 100%

Our IT Engineers are fully insured and experienced to ensure that your move is carried out on time and on budget.

Some IT relocation & computer move companies tend to avoid peripherials. Printers, MFD’s card / image scanners, web design plates and even your AV are all part of the service our engineers incorportate into their normal routine.


Computer Relocation
This is one of our computer relocations phased across 4 weeks.




IT Relocation
Trader IT Relocation


Desktop Relocation
Shared island workstation where space was limited.

RB Direct Services understands that when you decide to relocate your business, minimizing down-time is critical. Office / IT Relocation London requires a specialist company to ensure the correct packaging, handling and re-commissioning is carried out correctly.

  • Our IT Relocation London site survey is carried out free of charge and we ensure you have a knowledgable project manager / supervisor assigned to every move.

  • Digital images gathered to ensure that missing, damaged and non functional items are identified prior to each move. We also back up moves with NCR decom sheets so there is accountability for each piece of kits moved right down to the last phone charger.

  • We use industry recommended IT crates (Teacrate & Plus Crates), monitor bags and specialist low tac lables during our IT Relocations. Computer moves need to be handled professionally and with due care and attention to reduce damage.

  • All user preferences are recorded digitally, electronically and manually so as to mantain a dual record of the preferences and position.

  • We offer a simple to full audit package depending on the level required.