Computer Relocation

IT Relocation Company

Our crews provide office computer / IT Relocation including peripherals decommissioning / recommissioning for a number of clients all around the UK / Europe.

Our crews use NCR A5 pads when decommissioning and recommissioning IT equipment. These sheets are used to ensure that the connection, port, configuration and quantity of items is accounted for.

 Being dual copy one remains with the IT kit during its relocation. We retain the other copy until the relocation has been tested and project has been signed off as snag free. This method provides a level of confidence and insurance for our customers.

 When appropriate I obtain digital images for the areas and more specifically the kit we are moving.This serves a number of purposes.

  • It can provide vital evidence in dealing with missing items. This method has backed up my engineers on a number of occasions.
  • It also helps the crew return everything on the desk back to the way it was previous to the move which often takes some of the stress out of the move for the end users.
  • It identifies damages to screens which are the most vulnerable part of the kit when considering relocation damage.

Cable bags or what is normally known as keyboard bags is another item that I frequently deploy with my IT relocations.

  • Helps to corral the stray cables and significantly reduce the risk of damage to particularly the monitor screens.
  • It also helps with loss. When having not used the bags I have on several occasions when recommissioning have had to go back through the IT crates to locate a cable or keyboard foot that has gone astray.
  • It demonstrates to the client confidence that the engineers are experienced and equipped to carry out the job.

 IT Cleaning (2) IT Cleaning

The finishing touch to any IT move is to have the IT cleaned. There is a charge for this service but is very minimal compared to the impression it leaves on the client when the IT is sanitized and looks like new.

Our IT clean typically does the following:

  • Wipes and removes all marks & sticky substances from the kit left behind from lables, tape, post it notes and other trinkets that people stick to their monitors to personalise them.
  • Removes years’ worth of food, dust and sometimes office stationery from between the keys on the keyboard.
  • Makes the office smell fresh following the move.
  • Reduces the office sickness level by reducing the germs that are present on the kit.