Strutured Cabling
Structured Cabling

Most new IT installation relies on the structured cabling to be installed and tested to ensure it is operating to capacity.

Through system upgrades and continual changes that complex comms room environments undergo the network cabling can get into an inefficient and unmanagabale state. We offer a service to manage, optimise and reduce redundant cabling / equipement making the system run more efficiently.

RB Direct Services can provide cabling engineers to help plan, install and maintain the links to your servers, storage, PC’s and comms rooms.

Patch Panel
Patch Panel


  • Full cabling surveys to record all existing connections
    Supply / install Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a and Fibre along with all ports and peripherial items normaly associated with data installations.
  • Colour coding for easy identification
  • Labelling and reporting using the latest cable testing, labelling and reporting system
  • Reorganization of existing cabling and installation of cables using the correct lengths
  • Removal and recycling of redundant cables
Patch Panel Installation
Reusing Voice Patch Panel In Newly Created Data Centre


We can support you voice or data applications and we ensure that all installations that we undertake are tested from the comms room to the user ensuring you have peace of mind that every cableis performing to its potential.

Data Cable Testing
Data Cable Test Report