Relocation Skate u-PVC Base Bottom
Relocation Skate Replacement Castors - 100mm3mm Flutted Rubber18mm PlywoodReinforced Relocation Skate Handle

Hybrid Relocation Skate – 600 x 600mm – Fine Ribbed Rubber – 100mm Blue Non Marking Castors – Reinforced Handle – 420kg Per Skate

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1.5mm u-PVC Base Covering
Custom Self Adhesive or Routed Logo
18mm Plywood Wide Base
Chamfered Edges
3mm Flutted Rubber Top
100mm Chemically Bonded Blue Non Marking Castors
Reinforced Handle
Unique Slotted Bolts
Locking Nuts
Extra Large Carry Handle
Easy Wipe Clean

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1). Furniture Relocation Skates are designed for moving commercial & domestic furniture only. Using for moving items outside this description or outside the specified weight restriction may result in product failure, damage to product or property and or serious injury.

2). Specific training should be provided by the purchaser on the correct use and handling of this relocation aid.

3). Handling and use should only be done by competent persons who are SQEP.

4). Regular inspection and maintenance should be carried out on this equipment to ensure serviceability is maintained.

5). These Relocation Skates are not designed to move fire cabinets, safes, overly loaded crates, items with an uneven base, over uneven / rough surfaces or other items that have a high centre of gravity which may result in unbalanced load.

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Product Description

Our top of the range relocation skate. This skate comes with all our relocation skate improved features. Having worked in the relocation industry for 25+ years I have personally seen my fair share of relocation skates that are not quite fit for purpose. This interaction lead us to think about how our product could be improved even further beyond that of our competitors.

Many relocation companies all around the UK will recognise relocation skates that have broken handles irrespective of where they were purchased. Due to the make-up of the skate itself the functional handle means that this is the weakest point of the Relocation Skate. This is mainly due to the wood being thinner in this area. Combine that with a user who is bit rough and the wood is susceptible to breakage.


Orders of 20 units or more…

Bulk order discounts available!!! & FREE shipping… Simply leave shipping details blank to autoselect the collection option at checkout and contact our sales team at to arrange a delivery location.


Improvements from Standard:
1). Reinforced handle
2). Bespoke castor removal system
3). u-PVC bottom
4). Custom logo included – can be routed or self adhesive

Broken relocation skate handles share the following features:
1). They are awkward to use.
2). They are less efficient for the relocation process.
3). They can be dangerous to the staff member, client and others that come into contact with the equipment.
4). It astetically does not represent your company well.

Our Solution:
1). We have introduced a metal insert into the handle that significantly increases the strength of the handle. The metal insert is 2.5mm thick, 30mm deep and 300mm wide. This alows the insert to span beyond the width of the handle.
2). There is absolutely no impact on performance. Because this is consealed within the confines of the wood structure the impact is little to none.
3). There is no impact on the astetics of the skate. The user will only see a slim silver line on the top of the skate handle.
4). The awkwardness has been completely eliminated. Ensuring the handle remains intact this results in the skate remaining serviceable for longer.
5). The adheasive injection process makes the wood stronger than it was originally. When fully cured the adheasive is hard as rock.
6). Entire handle area smoothed to ensure that from a compfort perspective the user is completely uneffected.

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Additional Information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 600 x 600 x 150 mm
100mm Blue Castors

100mm Wheel Diameter, Blue Non marking Rubber, Chemically Bonded, On Bearings, 360 Degree Roataion, 18mm Routed Plywood, Easy Carry Handle


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