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Relocation Skate – Corner Reinforcement Insert – 150mm x 30mm x 2.5mm x 4

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Features and Specification:
1). Keeping your relocation equipment serviceable for longer.
2). No impact on performance.
3). Discrete installation.
4). Safer for the user.
5). Maintains the professional appearance.
6). EN 845-1:2003 + A1:2008 Specification for ancillary components for masonry –Part 1:
7). Ties,Tension Straps, Hangers and BracketsCeram Research (Notified Body No.1289) performed
Initial Type Testing toEN846-4:2002under AVCP system 3

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Product Description

When it comes to Relocation Skates we care about the product and how they represent your business. Having worked in the relocation industry for 25+ years I have personally seen my fair share of relocation skates that are not quite fit for purpose. This interaction lead us to think about how our product could be improved even further beyond that of our competitors.

Many relocation companies all around the UK will recognise relocation skates that have chipped and frayed corners whether they are rounded or angeled irrespective of where they were purchased.

Chiiped relocation skate corners share the following features:
1). They are awkward to use.
2). They are less efficient for the relocation process.
3). They can be dangerous to the staff member, client and others that come into contact with the equipment.
4). It astetically does not represent your company well.

Our Solution:
1). We have introduced a metal insert into the corners that significantly increases the strength of the corner. The metal insert is 2.5mm thick, and length extends approximately 100mm beyond the corner.
2). There is absolutely no impact on performance. Because this is consealed within the confines of the wood structure the impact is little no none.
3). There is no impact on the astetics of the skate. The user will only see a slim silver line on the top of the skate handle.
4). The awkwardness has been completely eliminated. Ensuring the corners retains their shape and intact this results in the skate remaining serviceable for longer.
5). The adhesive injection process makes the wood stronger than it was originally. When fully cured the adheasive is hard as rock.
6). Entire corners area smoothed to ensure that from a comfort perspective the user is completely uneffected.

1). Keeping your relocation equipment serviceable for longer.
2). No impact on performance.
3). Discrete installation.
4). Safer for the user.
5). Mains the professional appearance.

Can be retrofitted to all existing Relocation Skates supplied by RB Direct Services Ltd and even some supplied by others. We’ve even used this method to repair existing damaged corners giving the entire skate a new lease of life.

Disclaimer: Prices are per relocation skate fitted to all 4 corners These are not sold separately but only available through our in house installation or on new relocation skates purchased through RB Direct Services Ltd.


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