5mm Rubber Cord

Relocation Skate Large- Rubber Edging – 5mm

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Rubber cord, often referred to as ‘rubber rope’.

Key Features of Rubber Cord

Nitrile Cord – Offers excellent resistance to most petroleum based fluids, oils, solvents and greases.

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Product Description

Prices are based on per skate installed.

Each section of the rubber edging is measured to size and cut to length. This is then chemically joined to make a loop. This is only offered as an addition to our relocation skates and installed in our shop / place of manufacturer.

Properties Test Method Value Unit
Hardness * SA D2240 70±5 gm/cm3
Tensile Strength, minimum D412 7 MPa
Elongation at Break, minimum D412 259 %
Ageing Resistance- 70 Hours @ 100°C D573 Below are the results for the ageing resistance after the duration of the time and temperature
Change in Hardness, maximum D573 +15 IRHD
Change in Tensile Strength, maximum D573 -15%
Change in Elongation at Break, maximum D573 -25%
Compression Set- at 22 Hours @ 70°C D395 35%
Tear Resistance-Die C, minimum D624 20 KN/m
Ozone Resistance D1149 No Cracks –
Water Resistance – Good –
Oil Resistance – Good –
Weather Resistance – Good –

Specific relocation skate height, width and depth required to accurately calculate the amount of rubber cord required.


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