Relocation Skates


Skate Large

Welcome new and existing customers. RB Direct Services is now offering NEW relocation skates to the IT, Office & Home Relocation Markets at affordable prices.

Relocation skate prices depend on specification. All are subject to VAT and delivery. Please visit for more information.

Our skates are designed by relocation managers who have been working in the industry for approximately 20 years. Every skate that leaves our production facility is quality assured so you can have confidence that you are getting a quality product every time.

Give your crew the tools they need to deliver excellence safely to your customers. Our standard skate measures 600 x 600mm making it ideal for transporting furniture through doorways and down passages that tend to be on the narrow side. Other sizes and even bespoke options available.

Each skate is cut to size in our facility, corners rounded and the edges machined so they are smooth, and beveled so they significantly reduce damage to walls and skirting boards if accidentally brushed against during the move. Our skates are topped with a variety of rubber coatings ensuring materials loaded stay positioned while moving.


Skate Plywood

Product Wood Specification: The wooden surface is a smooth sanded surface reducing the risk of splitting and splinters while in use. The layering helps to give the wood a high weight to strength ratio making this material incredibly strong & versatile. The sheets are made from thin timber layers laid at right angles and heat bonded with resin adhesive and trimmed and sanded, which is specifically designed to resist warping and bending. Being a responsible supplier we only accept responsibly sourced and E1 emissions compliant materials when purchasing the wood. Though not required in this application the raw materials are CE marked and compliant with EN13986 governing panels for use in construction.


Skate Wheel     Skate Wheels Black   Skate Nylon Wheels






Castors: We have a number of different castors to suit many different applications. They range from back / grey rubber which is the basic level, blue rubber medium duty through to white nylon which is categorised as medium to heavy duty.

Features include:

  • Wheel diameter: 100mm or 80mm
  • 360° rotation
  • Solid blue natural rubber
  • Oiled ball bearings to aid in the smooth swivel action
  • Load rating: 60kg per castor



Skate Rubber Fine Ribbed Skate Rubber Chequer Plate  Skate Rubber Circular Studded


Rubber Coating: Our skates are topped with a 2 – 3 mm rubber covering to help keep the items being transported in place. We offer three different designs fine ribbed, chequer plate, circular studded or carpet giving you a degree of flexibility.

  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Rubber SBR
  • Colour black
  • Structure: Fine ribbed
  • Operating temperature -20 / +70
  • Hardness 70 shore
  • Pattern runs run the length of the skate